Handmade Charcuterie with Provenance

Winner of the small food awards 2018

Award winning charcuterie. Winner of the small food awards 2018

Here at Norfolk Charcuterie, being selective about where all of our ingredients come from and only using meat from animals that have been treated properly are the very foundations of everything we make. That’s why we only use free-range Norfolk pork, traditional-breed East Anglian beef, and venison from the Holkham Estate, which we are lucky to have right on our doorstep. Wherever possible we buy direct from producers so we know exactly where everything comes from and we use the whole carcass to ensure quality and freshness as well as making sure nothing is wasted. We are proud to champion our British farmers who produce some of the best meat in the world through their use of slower-growing breeds and high welfare standards.

British Charcuterie Awards

Silver Medal Winner for Nelson’s Ghost Salami

All of our products are handmade in small batches combining the best quality meats with freshly ground herbs and spices. They are then slowly air-dried in a carefully controlled environment while the flavours develop and they become ready to eat. This process cannot be rushed but we believe the end product is well worth the wait.